About Great Trust Lending

At Great Trust Lending , we do not make loans; we match people in need of a loan with lenders who provide tax refund advance loans. We have in our network a large number of lenders who provide customers with short term loans of values between $200 and $2,500. Many people find that they need short term loans to help pay for all types of unexpected expenditure. We are not like the usual type of loan store because, with Great Trust Lending .com, you won’t have to wait in line in a store to apply for a loan.

Great Trust Lending provides you with an easy way to apply online for a loan. Just visit our website and complete the online application form. It usually only takes five minutes or so to complete the form, which includes some personal details, such as your current bank account details and your social security number. If you want to know more about how Great Trust Lending .com uses that type of information, please refer to our privacy policy. All the personal information that you provide us with is protected by 256bit SSL encryption.

When you submit your application, Great Trust Lending .com will complete a matching process that will compare your details to the requirements of our lenders. Should your application be approved by a lender, the cash from your personal loan will often be credited to your bank account within a single working day. It is not Great Trust Lending that provides the loan, our company attempts to match you to a lender who will.

We ask all users of the Great Trust Lending matching service to always borrow responsibly. Great Trust Lending is not a lender, so we will be unable to supply you with any information regarding your loan. It is the borrower’s responsibility to read all the terms and conditions pertaining to loan before they accept it. In particular, be sure that you fully understand the interest rates and charges and make sure that you know what the repayment date is. All questions regarding your loan should be directed to the lender.

Any questions regarding our loan matching service should be answered in the FAQ page of this website. If you have any further questions about this service, please contact us here.